A little about me…

So 1st things 1st, I’m secretly one of Santa’s elves and I work in the north pole! But ssshhhhh don’t tell anyone its a secret.

Proof below for those critics who don’t believe me!


My name is Nikki, I’m a working mom and I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my 2 children (human ones) and my other 3 children (furry ones).

My son (brave knight) is 9 years old, goes to primary school and most days is more of a strong wind. Brave knight is a really sensitive little oke at times, but boy oh boy will he let you know when he is unhappy. He suffers with ADHD, chronic depression  and a mood disorder called ODD (Oppositional Defiancy Disorder) and don’t we fucking know it.

My daughter (little lady) on the other hand is 4 years old, a total tornado and some days even leans more towards being a hurricane. Busy is an understatement when it comes to little lady. Good grief for crying in a bucket she is busy. She started walking at 10 months old, ran at 11 months and has not stopped yet! She has a trampoline set up in our lounge, in the hopes she will jump all that energy out during the day.. no such luck yet tho…

I love my baby bears, they are MY  bears and don’t think I wont eat you if you mess with them, I’m a real mommy bear! Im big and pudgy too!

My Ex-husband person and father of my children enjoys fishing and when I say fishing what I really mean is sitting in a boat drinking beer. Ha ha OK so sometimes he does actually fish. Its all about the wind, and the trees you know… fish are sensitive like that. Giggle.

And then there’s me, I work in the research field and sit behind a desk 8 hours a day, yey me. No seriously though, I love my job. I’m an introvert and an extrovert, depends which day it is, how the wind is blowing ect..  you know. Anything can set me off. I suffer with depression and chronic anxiety.

Most days I love my cats more than any people, and then there are the days I would eat people that stuff around with my family! I’m very protective over my family, they are my all, my life, my reason for getting up every morning, really early, every fucking morning! ha ha

In my spare time I love to sew, paint, draw, create things out of junk and anything creative minded, you know with all the spare time I have on my hands, what with a full time job and 2 little tornadoes. sigh.

I’m also a hopeless romance junkie, but not the Danielle Steel virgin at 30 kind of romance, yeah like that’s possible, the historical romances set in the 1800’s where the ladies were ladies and the men, well the men were pigs with wives and mistresses, but oh I love the scandal. The gloves, the hats, the dresses, the social graces, the slow pace of time, the chaperon’s and of course the affairs. Thats my kind of book, sure they all end the same but oh what a read.

And then there are the furry critters that reside in our household.

Miss Sprinkles (who is not much of a lady but more of a wild feral hunting machine who regularly brings us rodent and bug sacrifices), Bruce Wayne (aka BatCat) and yes, he likes red wine and he has laser eyes! And last but not least, Timone (like Timone the meercat from the Lion King), awwwh and isn’t he just the sweetest cutest strawberry cat you have everrr seen??

And then there is my family, but they are a whole other post/posts, Jerry Springer shit they are! Look out for that!

Ok so that’s the cheesecake description of who I am, who I really am, inside where its dark, you don’t really want to know her. She is sad, lonely and trying desperately to see the humor in her life. See the funny side of things that happen her. Which when they happen aren’t actually funny but very stressful. And then she (I) snap out of it, and see the funny side to things, and then I come on here and tell all you wonderful people all about it!

So now that the introductions are done,

Helloooo, its me, is it me you were looking for?



  1. Hey what kak can u possibly talk about me!!! hahaha yea im on a roll tonight, proly the 4th post now, but doubt il be posting again for at least 3 months, maybe more… im weird like that… (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u not the only one) now wheres that fracking kak bout me, i need to read somthing… oh hang on, not sure if i CAN read ? bugger…

    Liked by 1 person

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