It’s a 50/50 kinda situation when it comes to shoes vs books for my Little Lady.

Little lady and I went shopping this afternoon and on the way to the car I realized that books are just as important to her as shoes!! Yey there I am!

She wanted shoes, a belt and books on our trip today so we bought a double pack of flip flops, a pink belt with a Sophia the 1st buckle and Dora books.

When she shops with my mom she is a shoe and clothes girly little madam and I was a little worried there as I’m sooooo not a girly girl. I hate clothing shopping and Little Lady seems to love shoe shopping and everything is pink and sparkly (eeeeek). Today though was a 50/50. She picked the items she wanted and was adamant she wanted them and nothing else and then we went to the book store. We sat there for almost an hour choosing books. Dora the explorer books are her favorites at the moment, and it made me so happy. I just thought thank goodness, there is a bit of me in her. Haha.

Sorry mom I’ve stolen your shopping buddy and on our shopping list is books and more books 🙂

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