The cat is getting his “gnads” chopped off!

We have a really strange thing going on in our home at the moment, lots of the birds and the bees moments with 8 year old Brave Knight. He is very curious.

I was sitting on the couch last night with husband person and Brave Knight was upstairs brushing his teeth for bedtime, so I said to husband person, “We really need to get Timones nuts chopped off, he peed in the house yesterday”. So background story, Timone my little strawberry cat is around 6 months old now and he has started to spray the house marking his territory. YEY ME 😦

I’ve always referred to neutering a cat as having his nuts chopped off, probably because that’s what my dad used to call it growing up, now I know they don’t literally chop them off its just a saying. What I didn’t know when I said it to husband person is that Brave Knight was coming down the stairs and he heard me say it!! OOOPS.

NOOOO mom you cant chop his nuts off that’s cruel. Why would you do that? Ill never talk to you again. I wont let you do it. Was what ensued.. haha

So I had to have the cat version of the birds and the bees talk with Brave Knight.

I explained to him that he was spraying his pee in the house so he can mark his territory for the girl cats, and that its a totally natural thing to do. Cats do it in the wild. He then asked me but why must the boys have an operation when they cant have babies. So then I had to explain to him like I had before, remember boy it takes a boy and a girl to have babies. So if we want Timone to stop spraying in the house we need to have him neutered, um an injection in his private parts.

Brave Knight is soooo not happy with this whole thing, he doesn’t want them to hurt his baby and I hear him, I mean look at this cute Noof Noof cat! I’m probably going to cry snot en tranne when I take him to the vet this week.

He is just toooo sweet but I cant believe my baby is no longer a baby. It makes me sad.

And last picture I promise 🙂

Just look at how this fluffy bum waits for me to come to bed, as if to say, “What the heck took you so long lady?.


Update: So after a hells alot of money, Timmi is fine after his opp, a little drugged up but OK 🙂


He even found the time to help Brave Knight with his homework! Sweet pies.


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