We sleep like starfishes in our house!

Well that is to say Little Lady sleeps like a starfish, in my bed, from about 1am, on the sly, and kicks me in my back, and/or face.. sigh…cryyy…yawn

BEHOLD The starfish position below.


Little lady started sleeping in her own cot at 4 weeks old and she has been in her own room since about 1 years old but lately she has this thing where she wants to sleep with me all the time. She falls asleep in my bed at 7pm after we read stories and then I put her in her bed and at about 1am she sneaks back into my bed between husband person and I, Aaaaannnd then proceeds to sleep like a restless starfish! Its just arms and legs and pillows being thrown around. And no matter how many times you pull the duvet up she will kick it down off us both. Grrrrr if that’s not the most effective birth control then I don’t know what is, haha!

No amount of bribery and corruption will get her to sleep in her own bed. She screams the house down at 1am if we put her back in her own bed and we live in a duplex so our neighbors are literally on the other side of the wall. I’m sure they can hear her during the night, might be why they don’t greet us so warmly anymore… hmmm

We have tried bribery, star charts, told her because we said so, nothing works 😦

We have a very sleepy mommy starfish here who very nearly nods off to sleep at work at her desk. I’ve even tried letting little starfish (this is her new name now) and brave knight sleep with their dad in our super king size bed, and then I go off and sleep in Brave knights single bed just to get some sleep. BUT at 1am she wakes up and comes to find me (really funny how she walks through the house looking for me at 1am on her own in the dark but wont fetch her shoes upstairs on her own in the mornings because she doesn’t want to go alone!!), and then we BOTH sleep like sardines in the single bed… crrryyyy

It looks a little like this,


How can we get the little starfish to sleep in her own bed?






  1. Oh the woes of being a parent! In my experience, time will get them out of your bed, or staying awake all night and placing her back in there over and over again. I practiced co-sleeping with all four of my kids; they all left my bed around age 4-5 on their own. I know, it sucks when you’re not getting any sleep. I wish you the best of luck!💖💖


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