I must remember to buy bread, cheese, contact cement and I wonder how they make those little pasta shapes…

I’m having one of those blanket fort weeks, sigh. Anyone want to build a blanket fort with me and sit in it watching Friends and eating cheese puffs? Purleeese? Anyone?

I just cant seem to get my head in order this week, my thoughts are so scattered and all over the place. Like I think to myself I must remember to buy cheese, shampoo and I wonder where I put that red fabric with the dark stripes… hmmm I need to make a new peg bag for the washing line, I wonder how people get their scones to come out crispy and soft on the inside.. mmm Whats the meaning of life?

Sometimes I’m so scatter brained when I’m stressed that I wonder if I suffer from a disorder called Dissociative fugue. Its a state where you get temporary amnesia but you carry on your day as normal except you are not in control you are sorta on auto pilot. Like the wheel is turning but the hamster is gone and then suddenly the hamster returns and you find yourself staring at a bottle of fabric softener in the detergent isle in the store thinking how the hell did I get here? and what the hell is benzyl acetate.

Some people have been known to be out one day and then slip into a Fugue state and just carry on driving for hours until they reach another suburb and then make a life for themselves completely unrelated to the one they had. Its like they forget who they are, who their family is, but it doesn’t occur to them so they just start living a life somewhere else like nothing happened. I’ve read stories of this happening to people and they disappear for years and then one day someone they know from their “old lives” sees them and puts the pieces together. Sometimes people snap out of the fugue state hours later, days later and sometimes even years later.

I’m pretty sure I’ve slipped into a Fugue state before. No seriously. It was a Saturday and I was home with the Husband person, the children were with their granny for the weekend and I needed to go to the shops to get groceries. The next thing I know I was standing in the store, alone, with a trolley full of goods staring at the fabric softeners!! It scared the living shit out of me so I just walked straight to the tills, paid and left the store. I then sat in my car in the parking lot and called husband person in tears telling him I had no idea where I was the last hour! This actually happened to me! The following week I went to see a neurologist about it and he said that some people are prone to it, and it happens a lot when you are stressed so your brain goes into overload and puts you on auto pilot! Scary!

So anyways, when I got home that day I unpacked the groceries and realized that I had bought exactly what was on my list (shoo its a relief to know that my brain still works on auto pilot, haha) except for 1 item!! I bought myself the Burlesque DVD! Now the thing is that I had been wanting to buy it for a while but never got around to it. So in other words my subconscious took over when I was “out” and still did things that I would do! I must have walked past it in the shop and my brain said hey get that and I put it in the trolley. Haha funny or not? Scary maybe?

And on that note, If I ever go missing and you get a message like this from me:


Its not me! I’ve been kidnapped and/or checked out of my mind. Call the police, batman, ghost busters or whoever you think it best to call to find me because I don’t text all in one like this, much to husband persons dismay.

On the other hand if you get a message like this:


Then that is me and I’m pissed off and leave me the feck alone I need some space!

Haha it drives the husband person mad when I message him like this, quick fire, little messages. And ill send him a whole long story like this and his response will be:


Hahah I really get on his nerves with the quick fire messages.

Can I help it that my brain works so fast I cant get the words out fast enough? huh? No so Shoooosh and deal with it!





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