Little ladies fashion blog post! Updated weekly.

If anyone would like to hire my up and coming fashion stylist please contact me for an appointment.

My little monkey (lady) insists on dressing herself these days! She is 3 years old.

Below is her collection entitled “Lady Kate wears whatever she wants to!”

MONDAY LOOK – we have a stylish grey track pants with a neon orange shorts overlay. Odd bright socks with stripes paired with pink and purple sandles with a blue/pink hoodie. And under that a pink polka dot t shirt. Simple!

WP_20170726_06_21_11_Pro (3)


UPDATE: TUESDAY LOOK – Little lady is still dressing herself this week and this is what her Tuesday outfit looks like, we have a blue polka dot top with a red Minnie Mouse top overlay, denim 3/4 pants with rapper boots with silver accents on it. Any comments?

WP_20170802_06_28_36_Pro (2).jpg


UPDATE: WEDNESDAY LOOK – today we have a green Bokke hoodie (SA rugby team) paired with psychedelic pants in weird and wonderful colors with stripped socks and her rapper boots.

WP_20170802_06_22_32_Pro (2).jpg

UPDATE FRIDAY LOOK – We have pink tights with a white vest, black T and stylish teal tank top overlay! Its the look people get with it! Oh and add bed hair, the bigger the better!



  1. 3 year old girls are so fashion conscious and independent. 9 year old boys however are like: “Ethan go change , you wore that 2 days in a row!”


    • Haha oh gosh Lauren yes I know, my son is 8 and he literally has a pile of pants/shorts and a pile of Ts and he takes one of each off the top of the pile in the mornings and off we go. No worries at all. Little girl on the other hand, nooo not that one, this one, and noooo not this one the blue one, and lets put all of them on as we cant decide. Hahaha the joys!


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