I just went from How you doin? to ewwww that’s gross in 2 seconds.

So as I was driving to work today I stopped at the robots and noticed a really good looking man next to me in a Mercedes. He had a suit on and everything, and my friends who know me know I’m a sucker for a man in a suit or uniform. So as any hot blooded woman would do I was checking him out (I can look can’t I) and thinking…


… when all of a sudden he stuck his finger in his nose and pulled out a huge booger! EWWWWWWWWWWW


SIDE NOTE: Gifs are my new best thing so bear with me here 🙂

Gross, so do people still do this, pick their noses when no one is looking? Adults?

When I was a teenager I used to aupair for a family that stayed a little while away from where I lived, so everyday I was stuck in traffic for an hour and I saw people do THE WEIRDEST things in their cars. There are the norm that we have come to accept like putting on makeup in the car but then one day I saw a woman brushing her teeth!! Yes she was brushing her teeth and when she was done she took a sip of her water bottle and swallowed it!! Gross.

What else do people do when they think no one is looking?


What would totally turn you of a man/woman if you saw them doing it?

Just Thursday thoughts…





  1. Adults or no when you have to itch you do it (of course when no one is looking) but I get you total bummer when your all lusty over him, unless of course he is ‘your’ man. then in sickness and in health you have to bear with him.


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