I went to see Dr hazardously gorgeous again last week and he gave me some zip adee doo daa meds.

I’ve come to a conclusion, Dr hazardous looks a lot like a young Freddy Prince Jr but with sandy blond hair.


I mean how I ask you on earth are you going to look this man in the eyes and tell him you are in so much pain you are literally shitting yourself. Hmmmm? Nope, you cant, you are dead, done and dusted, call the undertakers.

So I went to see him in the week as my pain was just not going away, it was so bad Id say it was worse than when I had a cesarean with my children!! The recovery time was longer and worse and more humiliating than ever. After I had my children I could use the bathroom on my own, this time I had strange nurses helping me and asking if I needed them to wipe my ass!! And its like well yeah, but nah I’m good thanks, Ill manage. I hate hospitals.

He did give me some zip adee doo daa meds tho, so bless him and his gorgeous smile. Apparently they are morphine derivatives, well ok not apparently because my mom came to help out and as she was talking to me I fell asleep on the couch, awake one minute and passed out in a glorious drug induced daze the next. Haha No kidding. He gave me 10 tablets and it cost R240!!! But man, what a ride!

Back at work today and I’m alive 🙂 Even without the zip adee doo daa meds 😦

I’m sorry to everyone that emailed me, commented on posts or tried to contact me. I fell off the earth for a while there, licking my wounds. If I haven’t replied to you yet I am on it and you should get a reply today.

Much loves




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