My mother, the fire hazard who ran away with the spoon!

I want to start this post by saying I love you mom, you mean the world to me and you know this, but wow are you awesome blog material. Haha so with your permission I’m writing this post about you. To assure people that the madness in my family comes from both sides. I love you mom.

So my mom in my opinion is a fire hazzard. She is the weirdest cook, she has this thing where she puts food on the stove and then goes into another room and starts doing something else. Watching tv, packing cuboards, reading, sewing and even sleeping!! Talk about short attention span! Once she even left candle wax burning on the stove in our craft section of the garage and went outside to chase elephants or who knows what and when she came back the pot was on fire and the ceiling was black. haha err…. Call the fire brigade.

So one night I think it was mid week about 7.30pm I get a frantic call from my mother asking me if I can please take her spare house key (thank fuck I had one) and race to her house to switch the stove off.. Ok so sure mom I’ll do that, but why? What’s going on is everything ok? Yeah everything is ok, I’m at the shops but remembered I was cooking dog food on the stove!!! The GAS stove!!!

So I pack brave knight (he was about 2 at the time) into the car and race over to her house only to be greeted with the most foul smell I had ever experienced. She had left the dog food cooking on the stove so long that the meat had basically turned to sludge in the pot. Also the dog food was guts and off cuts and typically things I don’t eat. I have a texture thing and I’m also allergic to peas. Everytime I eat peas I gag! Haha.

And the thing about the spoon. Oh mom oh mom oh mom. Every time I’m cooking anything and my mom is around, be it her house or mine the wooden spoon goes missing. She is like a cleptomaniac with the spoons. She constantly washes up the spoons, even while you are using them. And the spoon rest and the measuring jugs, and take the lid off the pot while cooking, and forget it its gone she will wash that too. Like wait until the end mom, there will be less work. I love yooo mom  🙂 But can I have my spoon back please?





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