My dad did funny too.

My dad had his flaws. We all do. But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you about the funny. Omg could he make you laugh. Either with his constant jokes, quick wit, wicked sense of humor or just by being drunk and doing stupid things. He had a head for jokes, he could tell you a new joke every day and never the same one twice. And if he did tell you the same joke you would laugh even harder than before.

I’ve decided to write a few posts about my dad and his shenanigans (to follow in the next few days). I feel closer to him this way as I didn’t have a good relationship with him for many years. I’m a lot like him in many ways. Most noticeably we have the same sense of humor. We laughed at the same things. And I miss him terribly, or maybe I miss the type of relationship I wish I had had with him. I don’t know. I haven’t dissected that yet.

I told a joke at my dads funeral in honor of him, because if he was there he would have told us one. That’s just how he was, so here goes:

A taxi driver picks up a business man, gets the directions and drives perfectly almost all the way there, in silence. The passenger then decides he wants to get out of the taxi earlier so he taps the drivers shoulder and says, “Here is fine driver”. The driver gets such a fright he swerves across the road and hits the pavement, narrowly missing another car. “Oh my god man, I’m sorry I startled you, are you ok?”, says the passenger. The driver turns and says, “I’m so sorry sir. Today is my first day driving a taxi, my last job I drove a hearse”. Haha haha.

So look out for the funny, its not made up, all 100% true. If you have read my posts before you will know I only know how to do true and honest. It’s a double edged sword my honesty.

I hope you enjoy them. Please comment or like if you do. Thank you, thank you very much.


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