If my dishwasher divorces me it will get custody of my sanity.

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Omgosh worst Monday everr. My dishwasher and washing machine seem to be having an affair and are threatening to run off together. At the same time. Worst thing is, they will get custody of my sanity!!

wp_ss_20170529_0002 (2)

I do 8-10 loads of laundry on the weekend (its like that when you have kids, they are like blenders with the lid open, food everywhere) and I use my dishwasher daily. I just don’t have the time to wash dishes by hand.

I’m a working mom who works 7am to 3pm. That means I leave home in the morning’s 2 kids in tow at 6.15am!! Get home from work (I work in research so heavy reading all day, court documents too, so no mindless reading its lots of analysing) at 4pm. I make supper. Feed everyone. Check homework. Check bags. Make lunches for the next day. Tidy the kitchen. Wash uniforms if need be. Tidy the lounge. And if I’m lucky ill get to sit at my sewing machine and make something. Which I love love to do. See, no time to wash dishes too. And if the washing machine goes, no frikkin way in hell am I washing clothes in the bath. Forget it.


Don’t goooooo, please, ill be good to you guys, I can change, I promise. I wanna cryyyy. Why at the same time? Can’t they take turns breaking down? Is this some kind of conspiracy?

wp_ss_20170529_0002 (2)

My washing machine doesn’t want to run with cold water, it only works on hot. And my dishwasher is making bad sounds when its working….. Also the one drawer rail is breaking. Baaawaaa!

I want my mommy. I think I’m having the adult equivalent of a toddlers tantrum. Save me.



  1. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with an appliance divorce. Through my years of appliance ownership (about 10 years) I have found the it does take 2 appliances to divorce. It is usually the washing machine & dryer or oven & fridge freezer. I hope that you keep custody of your sanity 🙂


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