Quick tutorial: How NOT to drive a vehicle (a car to the lay person)!

WARNING: Road Rage Rant / Tutorial / Guide


There are far too many bad drivers on the road. And believe it or not but slow drivers are just as dangerous as fast ones.

Lesson 1: Do not drive under 60km an hour on the highway/freeway.

Driving 50km an hour on the N1/N2 (freeway) is blinking dangerous, even if you are in the left lane!! The minimum speed for the left lane is 60km an hour on the freeway anyway, did you know that? Many people don’t.

People that drive 30kmh on the roads, and then…. get this….. they still fucking slow down for the speed bumps!!!! OMG I cant take it, shoot me now, like get out and push your damn car, it will be quicker (repeat after me, goooooosh frabaaaaaaaah, gooooosh frabaaaaaah). My dad used to joke with me when I drove too slowly (yes yes probably where my bad driving and road rage came from, haha), he used to say, “Nik you are driving so slow I could jump out, take a piss and still get back in the car.” Ha ha Miss you dad 🙂

Lesson 2: OMG learn how to do Traffic Circles

OMG Circles.. Oi Oi Oi Oi What is so hard about traffic circles. I’ve attached a diagram for this one because waaaay too many people do whatever the feck they want in circles. And its blinking dangerous.


If you are going right at the circle, stay on the RIGHT on the inside lane in the circle, if you are going left or straight stay in the LEFT lane on the outside lane of the circle.

Its really not rocket science people work with me here!!

Lesson 3: Do not expect people to invite you to drive!

Stop streets, when you come to a stop at a stop street and you stop a few seconds before the other person, and its clearly your turn, for the love of cheese please DO NOT sit there and wait for them to invite you to go. If its your turn, fucking GO! I mean what the hell are you waiting for someone to stop their car completely, acknowledge that you were there first, smile and wave their hand indicating, yes you are correct its your turn? FUCK That, when this happens with me and you just sit there staring at me with a mouth full of teeth, I GO! Ill drive thanks. I’ve gotten to a 4 way Stop before and there were 2 other cars there, both smiling and waving for the other to go, you go, no you go, no please you go, so fuck that I WENT! haha I’ve got places to go, people to see, things to do. FFS.

I told you this would be a rant, I did warn you!

When I think of other things that really tick me off when driving ill update this post.

In the mean time, what irritates you on the roads? In South Africa we drive on the left, and we have a huge taxi bus problem. Any friends have stories to share? Hmmmm?



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