Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE LOVE Elvis Presley? I haven’t, ooooh let me tell you about him.

ELVIS!! I can hear the chanting in my head. I would have killed to see him live in concert, which of course has never ever been a possibility as he died 7 years before I was even born so yeah Errr.

So I guess I need to explain how this obsession with Elvis came about. Well.. 2002 I was 18 years old and my grandmother passed away, which was very sad, so my mother, aunts and I were cleaning out her flat and I came across an Elvis LP Record. And on the cover was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid my eyes on. I mean wow!


This was the LP I found, wow right? And I mean you gotta remember here, this was just after the whole Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio craze had just died down. I mean who didnt have a poster of him in their rooms right? But Elvis and the fact that he could sing and dance, move those hips and flash that smile. Be still my ovaries, haha. I could lick him from head to toe… Umm this is awkward lets just leave it at that. And look at these pics of Leonardo DiCaprio.. Mmmmm Yum


Hmmm and now ive added too many pics of the gorgeous Leo for this to be a post about my man Elvis, so here are some more images to make you drool…. Yummy Yum

So can you tell me he wasn’t yummy? you can’t hey?

I LOVE the young Elvis, not the older depressed, drug addicted one. The young virile, funny, untainted Elvis. I often wonder if he had married me, would he still be alive? I would have treated him soooo good he never would have let me go. One can dream hey…

I think my husband person is jealous of my love for Elvis, I have posters, framed posters, Books, Magazines, his portrait and signature tattooed on my foot! Oh yes I diiiiiid!! I have ALLL his movies on DVD (cost a pretty penny there), all his songs on various DVD’s, and yes even the slow slit your wrist love songs… those are not my fav tho. Hound Dog, Jail house rock, Good lawdy miss clawdy, Suspicious minds, Return to sender is super cute, and then my all time fav, A Little less conversation.

I love that song so much we even danced our 1st wedding dance to it! Aaand we had an Elvis impersonator at our wedding (of course duh) and he sang our wedding song, A little less conversation and then he did a show for us for an hour afterwards. Love it! This was James, uh I mean Elvis singing at our wedding in 2006.


But I mean how can husband person be jealous of Elvis, he has been dead 30 years now, sad that he died way too soon. If you don’t know a lot about him do some reading, he wasn’t as bad as the media painted him out to be. He was a simple poor boy who shot to fame really quickly. He was born in a shack to a coal miner and really dirt poor family. All he wanted was for people to like his music, but he made the mistake of keeping one manager all his life, and this manager Colonel Tom Parker took 50% of Elvis’s earnings until the day he died!! Other managers took 10-15%. What a shark. And even when he wasn’t feeling well the colonel would force him to do shows, coax him into doing them. He is suspected by some as fueling Elvis’s drug addictions because he knew the more dependent he was on the drugs the more he could be manipulated. And that’s just what he did, all to make himself money, he didn’t give a damn about Elvis, he was just his cash cow.

Elvis also had a lot of hangers on, you know, fake friends who only hung around with him because he was famous, he brought them status, and he gave them expensive gifts like cars and watches and jewelry. I mean the poor oke just wanted friends and he was surrounded by an ocean of hangers on. Id turn to drugs too if that was my life. And he was sooo famous there was no way out. He could never quit the business and live a normal life, he was too famous and swamped everywhere he went.

If you want to introduce Elvis to your children, like I did, let them watch the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. They do a lovely tribute to Elvis, and my son knows all the songs from the movie. So much so that when I play it in the car he will immediately pipe up and say Elvis yey, play this song mom, or that one. He has his favs too!

Do a little reading up on Elvis, the sad Elvis who was manipulated into doing what the Colonel wanted him to do. Its a sad story but in my mind the young vivacious Elvis lives on, forever and ever. I love you Elvis 🙂





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