Anyone have some glitter glue for my soul? And some sinus meds? Please?

So I’ve not been well the last few days, hence the crickets chirping around here. Sorry about that.

I’ve had the flu and I think I have a sinus infection just to top it all off. And… my dark cloud seems to be following me everywhere I go. But don’t worry about little ol me, my week is looking up. We are taking a trip up to Hermanus to visit my mother for the weekend. Husband person, brave knight, little lady and my 2 brother people will be there too. All of us under one roof, I can’t wait.

As for today though.. My house is a germ pool bleh. Im coughing like a dying person and Brave night isn’t feeling well either.

Although, great news, he is happier! His meds are working, finally his dark cloud is drifting away. I’m so happy I could dance naked (predictive text thought I wanted to say baked… Um no I’m not baked, thanks though) around the house, just kidding its freezing. Aaaaand the medical aid approved his therapy for 15 more sessions!!!! Yey, and that means….. My dark cloud is lifting too.

Be gone dark clouds, we don’t need you.





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