That time my husband person went “Moo”!

So, as you will know by now, Im a cat lover. CAT LOOOOOVER, and I’ve always been owned by cats, yes yes they own me. I just pay the rent and buy the food but its actually their house not mine. I am essentially their pet.

Husband person and I had this strawberry girl when we first got engaged, 12 years ago, and her name was Miss Moo Moo. Cuuuuute hey! Anyway and when she was a kitten we stayed in a flat near the beach and on a busy road, so I didn’t allow her out of the front of the flats in case she got knocked over. So one morning husband person was leaving for work at 6am and Miss Moo Moo ran out the flat. I was fast asleep still so husband person put his things in his car and went looking for her.

Now imagine this, grown ass man walking between the cars in the parking area at 6am, in the dark softly calling, “Moo, Moo, Moo”. Haha. So he said that he was calling her and looking under cars and he looked up and there was an old lady standing next to him, and she looked very concerned and asked him if he was ok. So he said that he was fine, and thought it was an odd thing to ask. Only half way to work did he realize, OMG she must have thought he was cooked in the head, Hahah. A grown man calling Moo under the cars at 6am in the morning. Can you imagine such a thing.

Come to think of it though, our neighbors probably thought we were both cooked in the heads, total fruits, as we used to call her all the time, “Moo, Moo”.

Also she had this thing that during the night she would come running into our bedroom and cling sideways onto our very expensive bed and claw her way around the base. So husband person would roll over in his sleep and shout, “Moo, noooo”. I slept like the dead so I didn’t hear her at all, Haha. But the neighbors did give us funny looks when they passed us outside come to think on it.

My strawberry girl cat passed away at the age of 11, but here is a pic of her when she was young. She was so loving and had such a unique personality that she started my love for strawberry cats. This blog is named in memory of her.

I miss you Miss Moo Moo 🙂

Im sleepy, very sleepy!

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