So, what do you do for a living? I’m a professional Hippie.

No not me silly, I get up daily to go out into the real world. Whether I want to or not. Broken and all. I’m talking about someone else.

So my mother knows this guy from her childhood days in the 60s, the true hippie erra. Who was a hippie then and is a hippie now. And by hippie I mean he has not worked a day in his life, he has traveled all over Europe, America and South Africa, and he smokes the green. All on the coat tails of others! I kid you not! He is 65 years old now and he does not have a place to live, he literally bums around from couch to couch! He just shows up at his “friends” houses and ends up staying there 2 weeks on the couch.

Happened to my mother a few weeks ago. He just showed up on her doorstep and said Hi I’ve come to visit. And then what usually happens is he just makes himself comfortable and doesn’t leave until he has worn his welcome out and is asked to leave. And trust me when I say that hinting to this oke is useless. He has to be told straight out, please leave now. He prays on the kind hearted people who he knows wont kick him out.

How do they do it? Make a career out of being a hippie? And he doesn’t dress like a poor homeless man, on the contrary. He wears Levis and expensive Jesus sandles made of real leather, and pure cotton tops with African prints on them. These things don’t come cheap, and yet he doesn’t have a job, a car or a home, so how does he pay for it?

What baffles me the most is, its not by chance, its by choice! What kind of existence is that? I personally wouldn’t be able to do it. Would you?



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