Season 33 – episode 129 title: I’m actually a little happy today.

So despite my son waking up in one of his “moods”, (he has a mood disorder), and after a bad day yesterday I’m surprisingly happier today. I started this blog last week with 5 followers and I now have 189 and I could not be happier than a pig in poo. So thank you. I may not know everyone by name but I know you are there. And please know that you have made this very broken person very happy.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and following the strawberry cat on our new little adventure. My life is full of absolute nonsense and you can be sure I will be telling you allll about this shit. I feel so much lighter since I started writing things down. However silly they may seem. It’s a real load off and if I can make just 1 person feel better about themselves, or even better laugh out loud, then I’m happy.

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you like, what you think, what you would like to hear about. Whatever it is, ill make a plan.

Even better, pleeeese will you post a picture of your cat/cats for me to see. I have a special love for strawberry cats (gingers) (because they are strawberry blonde) haha name explained. Good post then, moving on.

Good morning strawberry cat followers. What shall we get up to today?

Ps. Please see attached picture of the gooiest strawberry cat ever. My boy Timone.



  1. I lived with a ginger cat years ago. Her name was Possum, but I used to call her Highlander, cause she was 17 and going strong, especially when her human gave her cortisone for arthritis. She had a very definite character. Things just had to be her way. But I don’t want to say that cats are manipulative, cause they are not always that subtle, if you know what I mean… anyway, I am ever so grateful that she allowed me to live in her house… yeah, ok, I was paying rent and all, but I guess she couldn’t care less about that, as long as I could afford mackerel and lit the fireplace in winter.
    So viva strawberry cats!


    • Thats so awesome, Ive always been owned by cats haha. They are like my children. Gingers just hold a special place in my heart. My previous strawberry girls name was Miss Moo Moo and she was so sweet. Slept at my side, she would come running when I called her. Like a dog sort of 🙂 But then I have a black tuxedo cat too, and he is my boy. So sweet and loving. Its so amazing how they all have their own little personalities.


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