I want Cococ milk and peet, peese!

Before you put your mind in the gutter let me translate that for you,

Little Lady: “I want cococ milk and peet, peese”.

What she actually means: I want chocolate milk and cheese, please!

Did you get that? Haha no neither did I or any of the other 50 shoppers in the Q at the store the other day when little lady just about shouted it at me. But on the plus side… That’s clearly my girl, she wasn’t switched at birth, its now confirmed! She wanted chocolate milkshake and cheese. Cheese with everything! haha

Its so embarrassing when she says things in the shops and only I understand. Like at the tills, where for some fucking reason we have to take a trip down wonderland to get to the bladdy till, she will say, and she is 3 so her volume level is stuck on full, “I want coc coc mommy”. OMG, people turn around to look at us, and I have to correct her reeealy quickly, “Please can I have chocolate mommy”, and I nod to people and smile. She said chocolate, not coc coc. Ha ha the joys. And if I say no you cant have chocolate now (over pronouncing the word CHOCOLATE), she will say, “But daddy gave me coc coc yesterday!”. OMFucking heck, in the shops, and people are staring at us probably thinking look at this big tattooed mother with a little girl in the trolley and she wants coc coc. Doesn’t she teach her kids any manners.

And not to make this post serious, but you know how people are, well some anyways. They probably judge me and think, yeah, big tattooed woman she probably lets her kids run wild doing whatever they want and doesn’t give a damn. Well to that I say, Jerks!. Its not true at all, I only let them run wild sometimes and I very much do give a damn. Giggle.


What have your kids said to you in the shops that made you want to cringe with embarrassment? Come on, dish the dirt.


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