I think I can teleport in my car…

Have you ever driven to work and parked in your spot and thought, wow how did I get here? Well that happened to me today. Its happened before as well, which is quite unsettling I must say. I pulled into my bay in the parking garage and turned the car off, and immediately thought wow I don’t remember the drive here at all. But there are no dents or scratches on my car, and I’m alive, so I clearly drove civilly with my brain switched on, haha.

Unless of course I was abducted by clever aliens that thought they would take me up into their craft, poke things in my butt, and then place me nicely in my car, in my bay, in the parking garage outside work. All so I wouldn’t suspect anything… hmmmmm

Nah, cant be that, my butts not sore and it would seem like alot of effort. Besides, judging by YouTube videos on other peoples experiences with aliens they don’t seem to care if you know you were abducted. Err…

There was one time a few years ago when my daughter was a baby that I was so sleep deprived I did a whole months shop and only woke up at the till! No seriously, I left the house with a shopping list in hand, and the next thing I knew I was in the Q to check out at Pick n Pay! I remember calling my husband person telling him that I just drove to the shops, and packed the trolley full of goods while asleep. Haha, I also told him that If I wasn’t home in 20 minutes he should come and look for me. True story!

The funny thing was that when I got home and unpacked the groceries I realized that in my sleep state I actually did a proper shop. I packed everything I needed in the trolley, only 1 deviation from the list, I packed the movie Burlesque in. Haha funny really because I had wanted to buy that movie for a while so it seems my subconscious was in charge while I was sleep shopping. At least someone was in charge, shoo!

Hahahaha WOW, Giggle, Weird day today.



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