If I put a sheet over my head will I be invisible?

I can feel the clouds approaching, they are almost upon me and my chest feels heavy already. I just want to retreat into solitude. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could put a sheet over our heads or close our eyes and become invisible. Like when toddlers think that if they close their eyes and can’t see you then you can’t see them. That would be awesome.

Damn its dark this time. I don’t want to act normal this week. Why can’t I just sit home on my couch, alone in my pillow fort watching TV. I want to put a sheet over my head with holes cut out for eyes and hide. Read books, sleep. Why must I get up, go to work, cook food, act normal. It’s painful to act normal and whole when you are broken inside. It takes alot of strength to hold your broken pieces together when you are out in the world.

Oh I don’t like the world much when these clouds are above my head. I don’t think this feeling is to do with it being Monday tomorrow. These are real clouds unfortunately.

But hi ho hi ho tomorrow is Monday so its off to work I go. In the real world. No time for pillow forts now. Boo hoo.


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