There’s a book trapped in my head.

There is a historical romance novel stuck in my head. Its been there for years and I’ve tried to get it out about 4 times going so far as writing the synopsis and character bios and first 2 chapters. But then my broken head comes along and says no its crap, not good enough, embarrasing, delete it.

So this story about 1890,s dukes and duchess’s is just swirling around in my head. Scenes playing on repeat all the time. Gloves, chaperones, secret rondevus, messages sent with servants, corsets, horses and cariages. While I’m driving, trying to fall asleep, daydreaming, all the time.

It’s even leaking out into my life, my sons named after a famous Knight (sir Lancelot) and my daughter after a Queen (Catherine of Aragon). I’m just a hopeless romantic with no where to go. No Dukes or knights to meet in the dead of the night. No servants’ to do my bidding baaaaaawaaaaa that’s the saddest part. Haha.

Sometimes my daughter will ask me something and ill answer with, “Why yes my lady, you may have some chips”, or whatever she asked me. Or to my son ill say, “So what are your plans this morning Sir Lancelot?”. I don’t even think about it, it just happens. And I sometimes pause and think, wow did I just say that? Haha.

Either there is a book trapped in my head or I was a duchess or royalty in a previous life. Although realistically… If I was taken back in time now with the same life and fortune status I have in this one, Id more likely be a chamber maid. One that cleaned others poo pots. Hahaha wow, that’s depressing. Giggle.

If I indulge in my paranoid thoughts.. I could even say that I’m having past memories of a past life resurface. But naaaah, that’s impossible right?

So is there anyone interested in reading the book in my head? Anyone want to help me get it out onto paper?


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