I have duct tape and mouth wash in my handbag if anyone needs?

So my friend asked me if I have ear drops in my bag, (hi friend you know who you are, hee hee, ha ha, hoo, hoo), and I said, “I dont know, let me look.” She was like “whaaaat, the fact that you might even have some is ridiculous”.

So I looked in my bag, and no jokes, I have duct tape, flu meds, throat spray, mouth wash, a safety pin, 2 different nail polishes, heartburn meds (I don’t even suffer with heartburn), toddlers hair clips with fuzzy bears on them, sticky notes, marbles, bobby pins, a green pencil crayon and much more in my bag. Including the norm like a wallet and keys. But sorry, no ear drops today.

Annnnnnddd my handbag is not even that big, its a little one… haha


So what I want to know is, whats the weirdest item you have in your handbag right now? Leave me a comment.



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