Cats should taste good with cheese right?

I love cheese, like love LOVE cheese. Cheese and tomato, yes please. Cheese and nachos, YESSS please. Cheese and pasta, yes please. Cheese and Bovril, yes please. So the other day I’m sitting on my couch loving one of my cats up, like Elmira loving him up. Kisses and cuddles, and I say to him, “I luf yoo so much I could just eat you with cheese”. Normal right? Well apparently not because I looked up to see my son looking at me in actual horror. Like his face just said it all, WTF mom. So I said, “whaaaaat, don’t your friends moms say they want to eat their cats with cheese?”. To which he replied, with utmost horror, “Ah noooooooooo”.

I mean, is this kid mine? I don’t know hey, I think he might have been switched at birth or something because Id expect spawn of mine to say, “sure mom, I’ll get the cheese and you get the cats”, or something along those lines. Haha. So he sat there and looked at me like I was actually losing my mind. So i said, just to freak him out, “hhmmmm, I suppose it might not be a good idea because Id be spitting out hairs for days”. To which he replied by shaking his head with the realization that I had now officially lost the plot. Haha

Look at the picture of this strawberry cat and tell me honestly that you don’t want to just eat him with cheese? You can’t Can you? No didn’t think so.

But seriously, I LOOOVE my cats they are my babies, they Aren’t like people that can disappoint you. My cats are so used to being loved up that they just lay in my arms with looks on their faces like, this will all be over soon, just lay still.


I saw a thing on Facebook last week and I soooo need one. They made this thing just for me, (more proof that my life is a really bad movie!). If anyone wants to buy me one, Id love you forever and ever and ever and everrrrr!


I neeeeeeeeeeed this!!


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