Is water that important?

I do a lot of reading, well it kinda comes with the territory when you work in research. But I read a lot for my own relaxation too. Last week I came across an article saying that the end of “civilized life” as we know it is coming to an end. No really, think about it. They had a point. We have over built huge cities all over the world, on the basis that the food and water supplies are infinite… they arent.

So what if they are right? Cape Town already has water restrictions, there are states in the USA where the water is yellow! Then of course there is China where the water is so polluted its green and blue and littered with dead fish. What if the end is near? What will we do when we open our taps one day and the water just isn’t there anymore?

Mass Mayhem, thats what I predict. Looting, murder, robbery, people running wild and senseless in the streets looting any and all water they can find. Sure its easy to say that we will go up into the country side and get water from the dams, the rivers, live off the land. Really? All 3.7 million of us residing in Cape Town? Really?

Lets think about this for a bit. 3.7 million people wake up tomorrow and there is no water. No water to wash, cook, clean, drink. Within a couple of hours the electricity will stop (electricity production uses water), within a day or 2 the houses/streets/schools/buildings will start to stink (and I mean a stench you cannot believe, think medieval times of people throwing buckets of human feces in the streets). There will be no sewerage at all!

What then Cape Town? Will that 30 minute shower be worth it then?

Man up, the water restrictions apply to ALL of us, regardless of fortune or rank. Money cant save you when the water runs out.


Add to the madness?

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