Can someone please tell the Director I Quit?

I often wonder if my life is some sort of experiment.. I mean like the Truman Show with Jim Carrey, one big set with actors in it. I’ve never EVER left the Western Cape in my life, he never left his home town. I’ve never flown anywhere, yeah not even within South Africa, neither had he his home town. I have the most random things happen to me. Sometimes ill mention something to someone and the very next day it happens. Or.. like the other day when I mentioned the song Blue Berry Hill by Fats Domino, I mean it was made in the 1940s or something, and then yesterday I was flipping radio channels and I heard it on a radio station… i mean WHAT?? how, why?
While driving to work the other day I mentioned this to a friend, and she looked me dead in the eye without blinking and said, “Do you know who the Director is?”. So I replied “Drama drama, it has to be Quentin Tarantino or Martin Schorcese”. And she said mmm, yeah you are right. And we drove the rest of the way to work in silence.. Ummmm WHAT? is she in on it? Did I get it right and she didnt know how to not blow her cover as an actress in my life?
So if my life is some kind of social experiment, and the directors are monitoring how much chaos a human can take before losing their minds, then can someone please tell the director I quit. Im out. Drop the mike Im done. Thanks.

ps..whoever is directing this freak show I could come up with waaaaay better plot lines than this! How about a trip to the US to see Elvis’ home Graceland? Or a rich billionaire who is into kinky shit who whisks me off my feet in his chopper? Or a sexy dance instructor/bad boy to give me the time of my life? Id settle for any of those plot lines here. Director?




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