Sweet dreams on repeat anyone?

Does anyone else listen to Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics on repeat? Over and over and over for days and weeks on end. 30 times a day? Or is that just me?

I have a little, well a big sort of weird issue with music. When I find a song that makes me feel good ill listen to it on repeat for days. Weeks even. And no not the whole album by a specific artist, 1 song!

I can remember the lyrics to “Oh Julie” by Shakin Stevens by heart. And before that it was “Sweet dreams” by the Eurythmics. And before that it was “Do that thing you do” by the Temptations, “Old time rock n roll” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (the risky business theme tune), ” I love rock n roll” by Joan Jett and lets not forget, or maybe we should, “Blue Berry Hill” by Fats Dominoe.

Hmmmm so does anyone think these song choices are normal for a 30 something? And if so, on repeat for days on end?

I think I need a psychologist appointment, im long overdue.



  1. Well I can’t say for the songs you mentioned but I am pretty sure listening to a particular song on repeat is a normal thing. And I am speaking from my own experience. There is no age for listening to any kind of song, 30, 40, 50 doesn’t matter. You like a song, you like a song. You do not need a psychologist, but a pair of dancing shoes or a singing voice or both whichever you prefer 🙂

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  2. Okay so update on this issue…. Ive tried listening to 15 songs on repeat instead of 1, and NOPE it doesnt work. They just irritate me. When I find one I like I want it allllllllll the time. Do I have an addictive personality or what? Could be worse, could be drugs but it isnt. Hahaha ERrr Hello Julie?


  3. oh and that bout “oh julie” and “blue berry hill” and “old time rock n roll” and others im sure, u can blame on me too 😛 i was the one who used to play all those old songs when u used to come stay by granny when u were young, and then on the farm too those days 😀 hahahahahaaaa!! i was adicted to them then.


  4. Hey try being 40 odd and addicted to the Moana sound track 😀 i like ALL the songs, but mostly addicted to Shiney and We know the way, You Welcome is ok too, and if u haven’t seen it yet u absolutely MUST!!!


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