The last joke..

My dad, bless him was a sarcastic guy. He was hilarious. I say was because he died a few years ago in 2013. Suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 62 and I miss him terribly. I miss his humor, he always saw the funny side to everything. He could make you laugh anytime, and he could tell you a joke every day and never repeat one. He just had a head for remembering jokes.

The last day I spent with him we were standing outside of a petrol station drinking coffee. I had previously asked inside the store if I could use the bathrooms and they said no they dont allow the public to use them. So we stood outside drinking coffee. As we chatted a guy walked out the store and up the road with 2 toilet rolls in his hand, he obviously ran out and stayed nearby so ran to the shop to get some. So my dad says to me, “follow that oke Nik, he knows where the shithouse is.” Haha only my dad would see the funny side to the situation.

I miss you dad, I miss your humor, your wicked language, your smile.

That was the last joke my dad made to me before he died, he died 4 days later.


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