R13 000 for a single plastic bead, sure sign me up…

Yeah ok so L is busy busy making ammunition for me to use on his 21st birthday. Haaaaa ha am I an awesome mother or what?

K ended up being sick this week and totally her wild hurricane self. Tuesday night she just would not sleep so we put her in the car and drove around the neighborhood for an hour until she fell asleep. 1am L wakes up and vomits all over his bed, yey, so get him showered, change bedding and sort him out. Now miss K is awake and wont sleep, she screamed for 2 hours. 2.30am we were back in the car driving around the neighborhood, dont want to know what the neighbors thought. 5am awake and getting dressed to go to work. Peeeeeee oooooo now we are running on love not sleep.

On Wednesday I asked my mother to take K to the Dr as I had to work, I asked her to ask the Dr just to check Ls ear as he had complained it was sore. So off to work I go, hi ho hi ho hi ho. I get a call at 11am, L has a bead in his ear! How the hell??

So the little monkey went to the Dr, not a word about the bead, the Dr looks in his ear and says mmmm there is a foreign object in there. Asks him what he put in his ear and he pipes up, oh I put a bead in my ear. Just by the by!! Ok so she tells us we need to take him to the ENT asap. Do you know how nearly I possible that is! To get an appointment on the same day. Anyway I call 4 Dr’s and the 4th one has a cancellation but its in 2 hours time.  Now Im at work and cant take off, so E can take him right? NO WAIT, that morning Es car would not start so I took him to work. So I had to rush to his office in my 30 minute lunch break, no lunch for me, to take him my car. Anyhoo E takes him to Dr and he says hold on there are 2 beads in there!

So I asked L that evening why he put a bead in his ear and he said he wanted to see if it fit! Haaaa so OK it obviously fit, so as logic goes he put a 2nd one in! Friggin apple pie!

Soooo the Operation went fine, ended up costing in the region of R13 000 (about USD1,000) for removal of said bead!!!

Sooooo going to be keeping it as Ls 21st birthday gift. Ill tell him I got him an expensive gift! Technically I wont be lying. Giggle.


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